Extruded Film Industry

Film extrusion lines present a special set of challenges to roll cover manufacturers. Homogeneous surface finishes, high release properties and tight dimensional tolerances require compounding and manufacturing expertise.

Engineered compounds from ANDRITZ address the needs of the film extruder with a family of cover compounds that deliver good surface finishes absent of voids or occlusions and with the necessary release properties for smooth film processing.

High abrasion and temperature resistance ensure that the performance properties remain viable for the life of the cover.

Aurora - High-Performance Corona Treater Roll Cover

Aurora technology is specially engineered for the most demanding corona treater roll positions in the flexible packaging industry:

  • Ideal for treaters operating at the highest dyne levels
  • Performs well at very high voltage levels
  • Produces extremely uniform corona
  • Extremely resistant to roll cover burn-through
  • Superior dielectric strength
  • Superior thermal
  • Superior volume resistivity

Premium performance roll technology for all these applications


Premium performance roll technology for all these applications

  • Casting water removal
  • MDO
  • Pull roll
  • Flame treater nip
  • Corona treater nip
  • Corona treater
  • Seasoning
  • Winder drum
  • Slitter layon
  • Winder contact
  • Coater

Cast Film

  • Embosser
  • Corona treater

Blown Film

  • Draw or deflate
  • Pull or tower nip

Metalized Film

  • Coating
  • Pull
  • Vacuum winder roll

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