Tissue TAD Fabrics

Softness - Bulk - Efficiency

Given the major challenges facing today’s tissue maker, grades produced by TAD technology are often preferred over conventionally produced tissue products. And considering the additional TAD benefits of up to 50% more absorbency and nearly 20% in fiber savings for equivalent sheet sizes and appearance, the MasterDry AM is the ideal solution to deliver those best-in-class benefits for the most demanding applications.

Compared to conventional tissue making, TAD technology operates without any press section. The formed sheet is transferred to the TAD fabric that transports the paper onto a rotating drum where hot air blows through it. MasterDry AM provides best-in-class properties to accomplish the high demand for this application. Three designs offer different impressions for forming air pockets for better bulk and absorbency. Improved material properties ensure fabric stability under toughest conditions. The special seam design stands for high seam strength and no marking.

MasterDry AM TAD Fabrics

The MasterDry AM fabric portfolio delivers the ideal solution for the most demanding tissue and towel through-air-dryer applications. MasterDry AM fabrics are engineered to provide the best structure for improved bulk, absorbency and softness.

In addition, enhanced material properties ensure fabric stability under the toughest conditions. Special seam designs provide excellent seam strength without sheet marking.

  • Increased sheet bulk
  • Improved sheet smoothness
  • Improved sheet absorbency
  • Extremely stable and durable
  • Strong, no-mark seam

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