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ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls provides world-class comprehensive refurbishment services that include a full range of rolls-related repairs and upgrades. Our facilities, strategically located throughout the world, combine the widest range of mechanical services with the industry’s premier portfolio of high performance rubber, polyurethane and composite roll covers for the highest quality and fastest turnaround. We offer complete inspection and repair services for rolls, bearings & journals, housings, suction boxes and crown compensating components. Our facilities also provide special repairs and upgrades for variable crown rolls, reel spools, water cooling systems, head fit modifications, roll balancing, dummy heads fabrication and much more. We routinely provide expert component analytics including vibration analysis, optical and laser alignment, and in-mill nondestructive testing services.

Suction box services

  • Inspection - Total disassembly and inspection of entire roll and its working mechanisms. All components are checked for OEM specs
  • Overhaul - Exterior parts are sandblasted, primed and epoxy painted. Stainless fasteners and piping are installed. Worn, damaged parts are replaced. All head fits are inspected and repaired as approved. Reassembled rolls are tested, balanced with detailed reports.

Hydraulic repairs and testing

  • Complete disassembly and inspection of the internal hydraulic systems of CC rolls
  • Inspection of head, bearing fits, gear boxes
  • Repairs are performed as approved
  • A detailed inspection report is provided

Machine services

  • Journal, head, housing and fabrication machining available for precision turnout
  • Journal repair and replacement
  • Head fit repair and/or replacement
  • Housing bore repairs
  • Fabrication of small parts, dummy heads, rolls

Services for plain, suction and variable crown press rolls

  • Housing and bearings are removed, thoroughly cleaned and inspected
  • Bearing fits inspected, measured for size, concentricity, percent. of contact and condition
  • Seals and seal fits inspected, measured
  • An inspection report details a comparison to OEM specifications
  • New shell construction via ANDRITZ Kusters

Water cooling repair and modification

  • Complete internal inspection of existing cooling system and repairs made as approved
  • Recommendations for improvements in heat transfer efficiency, water volume reductions
  • Design and installation of new systems

Reel spool, wire and felt roll services

  • Disassembly and inspection of bearing fits
  • Roll, journal inspection, TIR documentation
  • Drive hub fabrication as needed
  • Repair or replacement of journals as approved

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