Spreader Rolls

ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls delivers world-class bowed spreader roll performance with the largest product portfolio specifically designed for a variety of industrial applications. Whether your requirements are web smoothing, web widening, slit separation or more efficient control of your web, we have a product solution specifically for your machine including fixed and adjustable bow configurations.

Innovative solutions from the pioneers of spreader rolls

Global footprint

  • 10 facilities around the world;
  • Americas, EMEA, Asia-Pacific
  • Global engineering expertise
  • Global supply network with access to key components

Product inventor

  • Market leader
  • Innovators of unique technology
  • Supplier for nearly a century
  • Unique applications in a variety of industries

Largest product portfolio

  • Diameters from 38 - 380 mm
  • Lengths up to 10 m
  • Wet, dry, high temperature
  • Fixed and adjustable bow

Extensive repair capabilities

  • We repair most every brand
  • Metric and imperial designs
  • Upgrade/convert designs
  • Optimize lubrication
  • Restore roll to new condition

Wide variety of sleeves

  • Extreme wear resistance
  • High temperature
  • Chemical resistance
  • Anti-static, release
  • Steel clad, numerous treatments

Application expertise

  • Analysis of application to determine optimal design and cover selection
  • Paper, pulp, plastic, textile, metal foil

ANDRITZ premium performance rolls technology

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