Metal Industry

Historically, metal coil processing has been one of the toughest industries on roll covers because of the chemical, high-heat and high-impact working environment.

ANDRITZ new materials technologies are producing exciting new roll cover compounds that stand up to the chemical concentrations, heat and physical abuse of metal coil processing.

From accumulator tower rolls to squeegee rolls to coating rolls, advanced materials development and application expertise produce a line of metal-tough covers that deliver quality and efficiency to coil processing. For spreading in cross-over direction to get an even web without creases, or to separate parallel running webs, ANDRITZ offers spreader rolls for various applications.


Accumulator rolls, a series of large diameter rolls used to accumulate metal strip, provide enough product to allow time to weld the butt seam between unwind coils.

The accumulator roll covers must resist abrasion, cuts, and impact from butt seam welds. The ideal cover also resists premature failure due to the effects of processing oils.


Bridle rolls feed the metal strip to the accumulator tower and remove the strip from the tower to send it down the line for further processing.

The proven covers for bridle rolls resist abrasion, cuts, and impact from butt seam welds. The covers also resist premature failure due to the effects of processing oils. An optimal coefficient of friction is required to avoid slippage and metal scratching.


The squeegee rolls are used to remove slag, oil, acids, caustics and other contamination from the metal strip.

This cover requires resistance to both caustic and acidic chemicals as well as heat and moisture resistance which can cause swelling and hardening. Resistance to mechanical impact forces and abrasion are also critical.


The coating applicator rolls apply various coatings such as paint and ink.

This roll cover requires a clean and smooth surface in order to transfer a blemish-free coating. Good wet-out properties, abrasion resistance and resistance to chemicals that can cause cover swelling are mandatory.


The layon roll holds the strip against the windup roll during rewinding, removing entrapped air to reduce roll telescoping.

A clean surface cover is required to prevent scuffing or marring of the strip. Excellent abrasion resistance is needed for long life. 

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