Shoe Press Belts


Now with improved embedding technology

Impulse shoe press belts are designed to deliver the most durable solution on the most demanding modern, high speed, highly loaded shoe presses. Using the industry’s most advanced materials and manufacturing technology, our newest processes optimize the fiber reinforcement placement in the belt for superior performance.
Impulse features include superb structural stability with enhanced abrasion and wear resistance. It is also very resistant to chemical, oil, and water damage to reduce swelling. Impulse also features superior resistance to impact damage, as well as incredible resilience against tear which make it ideal for those positions where extended lifetime is crucial. With its broad portfolio of surface venting combinations of plain, drilled, and grooved venting, Impulse ensures precise dewatering performance on any shoe press.


  • Superb structural stability
  • Enhanced resistance to abrasion, wear and impact
  • Chemical, oil, and water resistance for reduced swelling
  • Superb resistance to tear
  • Extended life potential
  • Proprietary venting options from plain, to multiple options of grooving and drilled

Customized technology delivers superior performance

Through an innovative combination of materials science, manufacturing expertise, and our exclusive Rezolve predictive analytics platform, ANDRITZ Fabrics and Rolls is uniquely equipped to optimize each Impulse belt specifically addressing each machine’s objectives.

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