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Whether you need spare parts, rentals, local service, repairs, upgrades, or modernization of your filter centrifuge, ANDRITZ Separation is your full-service provider.


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  • Process- performance studies
  • On-site process-performance audits
  • Mechanical audits
  • Electrical and automation audits
  • Safety audits
  • Metris addIQ for filter centrifuges
  • Service agreements
  • Trainings
  • Lab and on-site tests

Ugrades for filter centrifuges

Metris addIQ control system upgrades for filter centrifuges

Metris addIQ combines all our extensive operation and start-up experience in one tailored automation solution. The Metris addIQ control system is a unique automation product.

Your benefits

  • Easy integration into existing or new lines/plants, ensuring a short start-up time
  • High availability and excellent performance in operation for all functionalities
  • Avoids downtime by using preventive maintenance alarms and intuitive machine interface – peace of mind due to machine automation


The ANDRITZ SmartFIX for filter centrifuges is the latest and most innovative filter cloth fastening system on the market today that reduces maintenance time and costs by around 50%.

Your benefits

  • Around 50% reduction in maintenance time and costs
  • Improved production availability and performance
  • Maximum safety for high-pressure applications
  • Optimum cleanability and batch traceability, especially for the pharmaceutical industry

SmartCLEAN – CIP for horizontal peeler centrifuges

The SmartCLEAN cleaning-in-place solution for horizontal peeler centrifuges from ANDRITZ includes an easy-to-install upgrade kit with a software update for your control system.

Your benefits

  • Less downtime increases machine availability by up to 10%
  • Significant cost savings of up to 50% compared to manual cleaning
  • Improved product quality
  • Avoids plugging with solids

Metris addIQ radar feed controller

Metris addIQ radar feed controller maximizes your throughput with every batch. It replaces ultrasonic devices and makes contact free measurements affordable for all industries and applications. The fill level is detected by emitting extremely rapid microwave pulses and measuring the time it takes for these pulses to be bounced back to an appropriate detector. Metris addIQ radar feed controller is applicable for all models and makes of peeler centrifuges.

Your benefits

  • Higher product quality – optimal for quality sensitive production as pharmaceutical or FDA/GMP-applications
  • Increased throughput of up to 20%
  • No mechanical wear due to contactless and motionless technology

Upgrade packages for

  • Product quality
  • Safety and reliability
  • Increased throughput
  • Control system
  • Feed system
  • Discharge and cleaning
  • Wear protection
  • Filtration elements

Centrifuge seminar

Our separation experts offer various seminars focusing on peeler and pusher centrifuges


  • Design and operation of peeler and pusher centrifuges
  • Best practice for centrifuge operation
  • Maintenance and inspection of centrifuges
  • Safety aspects of centrifuges and guidelines for maintenance work on centrifuges
  • Process automation in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres

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