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Engineering to help achieve operational readiness


Electrical and controls engineering: services provided


vPlant Modular Training Solutions


Rockwell - Managing obsolete hardware components


Process Control Systems


Multi Motor Drive (MMD)




Machine Control Systems (MCS)


Distributed Control Systems (DCS)


Continuous Remote Support Service


Drive technology


Smart commissioning


Lime and cement

Engineering for lime operationsEN


Automation solutions for miningEN   
Compass minerals success storyEN   
OceanaGold success storyEN
Advanced Control Expert for the mining industryEN
BrainWave control solutions for mining operationsENPTESRU
BrainWave control solutions for SAG millsEN   ESRU
BrainWave control solutions for hyperbaric filtersENZH  
Control system solutions for the mining industryENPT  
IDEAS simulation solutions for mining operationsENPTESRU
IDEAS steady-state simulation solutions for miningENPTES 
IDEAS simulation solutions for potash operationsEN  
IDEAS Virtual InstrumentsEN

Oil sands

IDEAS simulation solutions for oil sand operationsEN

Pulp and paper

Automation solutions for pulp and paperEN    
ACE (Advanced Control Expert) optimization solutions for kilnsENPTESRU 
ACD (Advanced Condition Diagnostics) for pulp and paper millsEN    
Automation instruments to measure, control, and improve operationsEN    
Zellstoff Poels PM2 mill storyEN
PulpVision - Insights into pulp quality mill storyEN
PulpVision to measure, control and improve operationsEN    
PulpVision – stickies and dirt analyzerEN    
IDEAS simulation solutions for pulp and paperENPTESRU 
Resource Management SystemEN   


ScrewAuto BoxEN
ScrewAuto PinEN
ScrewAuto PlantEN


Engineering to reduce electrical arc flash hazardsEN   
IDEAS OLI thermodynamic engineEN   
IDEAS VMG engineEN   
IDEAS simulation solutions for pipelinesENPTES 


Acoustic emissions in predictive condition diagnosticsEN 
Automation of a Multiple Lime Kiln PlantEN 
Digital Double - Creating a simulation, or "digital twin", of a plant or piece of equipment can help operators prepare for any eventuality (Source: CIM Magazine)ENFR
Engineering a new source of Energy and RevenueEN 
Lenzing Papier - getting close to optimumEN 
Real-word improvement through virtual instrumentation at OceanaGold HaileEN
Shortening the curve: how dynamic process simulation can improve operator training for start-ups (Source: Tissue World Magazine)EN 
Suzano Mucuri Line 2 – ANDRITZ brings its expertise to the woodyard and fiberlineEN 
Veracel – putting ACE in place boosts production, saves moneyEN 
Western Lime: Microwave Cooler Level ControlEN

Technical papers

Adaptive control of sulphur recovery unitsEN
Advanced control of steam superheat temperature on a utility boilerEN
Advanced predictive adaptive control in a TMP newsprint millEN
Aracruz uses a dynamic simulator for control system staging and operator trainingEN
Benefits of dynamic process simulation for the mineral industryEN

BrainWave: Model Predictive Control for the Process Industries

*Source of first publication of the work: W. A (Bill) Gough (2011). BrainWave®: Model Predictive Control for the Process Industries, Advanced Model Predictive Control, Tao Zheng (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-298-2, InTech, Available from:

Dynamic modeling of an ozone disinfection systemEN
Dynamic simulation as a tool for optimizing pressure control valve performanceEN
Dynamic simulation of a vacuum deaeration systemEN
Dynamic Simulation of Yankee Drying of PaperEN
Dynamic simulation of processing high-arsenic copper concentrates in a fluidized bed roasterEN
Dynamic simulation technology for food processing engineeringEN
Dynamic Simulation, Part 1 - the toolEN
Dynamic simulation, Part 2 – the process modelEN
Dynamic simulation, Part 3 – development and testingEN
Dynamic simulation – a maturing technology with real benefitsEN
Elements of power systems risk analysis and reliability studyEN
Even harmonic resonance – a unique problemEN
Expert system application for lime kiln automationEN
Fan drive system efficienciesEN
Harmonic control and reactive power system experience for large chemical manufacturing facility expanded in six stagesEN
Impact of expert systems in the operation of a lime kilnEN
Implementation of an innovative self-tuning adaptive controller for complex industrial processesEN
Industrial cyber security for power systems and SCADA NetworksEN
Installation of an integrated turbine-generator control system for a pulp millEN
Justifying upgrade projects in existing millsEN
Look before you leach – dynamic simulation of heap leach flowsheetsEN
Model predictive control of SAG mills and flotation circuitsEN
Model-based predictive adaptive control of pulp and paper mill processesENJP
MRAC strategy for temperature profile control of a lime kilnEN
Multiple harmonic filters over six phases of expansion in a 170 MW plantEN
New generation of adaptive model based predictive controllers applied in batch reactor temperature controlEN
New life for old power rectifiersEN
Oil field harmonic concerns resulting from high impedance sources, multiple power converters, and long cablesEN
Potential application of predictive tensile strength models in paper manufactureEN
Predictive-adaptive temperature control of molten glassEN
Process simulation for improved plant design through P&ID validationEN
Reusing and re-rating old rectifiers with new dc/dc choppersEN
Role of simulation in design and operation of metallurgical plantsEN
Transient simulation of long-distance tailings and concentrate pipelines for operator trainingEN
Use of actual controls in simulation trainersEN
Utilizing waste hydrogen for energy recovery using fuel cells and associated technologiesEN
Streamlining the steps to optimized production: project process modelling, advanced control, and simulator based training for optimized operation - case studiesEN
SAG mill optimization using model predictive controlEN

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